I have a mic plugged into the audio in jack on the camera, but I'm not getting anything at my destination?

With the SDI cameras, the audio will embed over the HDMI and network only, but not over the 3G-SDI.

With the NDI cameras, the audio will embed over the HDMI, USB and the network.

And the 3.5mm interface of the camera is a Line in interface, not a Mic in interface.

So a microphone directly into the audio line on the back on the camera will not work. A microphone needs an amp to function and control it's level, the camera does not have any kind of amp or preamp to handle a mic level signal.

What you need is a microphone or equipment for Line in input (such as a mixer). Then in the OSD menu of the camera, set the "DVIMode" in "SETUP" to "HDMI" and restart the camera to embed the audio.