Can you suggest a framerate converter to turn your signal into 1080p29.97?

Yes we can. The Decimator MD-HX is a fantastic little device that will let you change the framerate and resolution of any SDI or HDMI signal. The setup is fairly easy and the process is listed below.



  1. Navigate to “Control” by pressing the > button.
  2. Press Enter to select Control.
  3. Press the > until you see “SDI OUT SOURCE”.
  4. Press Enter repeatedly until you see “Scaler” underneath.
  5. Press the < until you see “Output 1 is loop”
  6. Make sure it is set to “No”
  7. Press Back to get back to the main menu.
  8. Press > to get to “Scaling”.
  9. Press Enter.
  10. Navigate to “Output Format”.
  11. Press Enter to select it.
  12. Set it to “1080p29.97" If your device is looking for a different resolution just set the Decimator output format to whatever resolution your device is looking for.