I am having trouble connecting my SDI/NDI camera to my computer.

The Prisual SDI or NDI cameras have 3 HD video outputs and 1 SD video output. These can be seen in the picture below.


VIDEO OUTPUTS: basic Info.

  • The outputs on this camera that support HD video are #7 (Network Video), #8 (HDMI) and #9 (3G-SDI). All of these ports will output video simultaneously.


  • The only output on this camera that supports SD video is #2 (CVBS). This will only output video when the camera dial is set to either set to 480i and 576i. If the camera is set to run in SD mode, it will no longer output video from the SDI or HDMI ports.


  • All other ports on the camera including #10 (USB), #5 (RS-232 in) and #6 (rs-232 out) DO NOT output video. ports #5 and #6 look like S-video, but they are not.




  • If you are using the network port of the camera to get the video (NDI or RTSP), you must first set the camera's IP address to be on the same subnet as the computer that you will be using for this camera. This can be done by following the instructions in the article linked HERE. Once the camera has been given an address on your network, you should be able to pull the video from the camera in applications such as OBS, Vmix, Wirecast.


  • The SDI and HDMI outputs on the camera should always be sending video but in order to get this video into your computer, you will need a video mixer, an HDMI / SDI capture card, or an SDI / HDMI frame grabber (SDI/HDMI to USB). If you try to plug the HDMI directly into your computer without some sort of input device it will not work as the HDMI built into your computer is OUTPUT ONLY. Please refer to the chart below for the supported HDMI and SDI resolutions.


  • Please Note:  these are changed by turning off the camera and changing the dial position on the dial marked "System Select" on the back of the camera. More info about connecting with these ports can be found  HERE.




  • The SD port can be enabled by turning the camera off, then changing the dial on the back of the camera to D or E. This will disable the SDI and HDMI ports and cause the CVBS port to become active. Once this port is active you will want to use something like this HEREto get the SD video from the camera. This is composite video and not component video.