Multiple Prisual NDI Cameras and the Videos Feeds are Mixed or Switching

Issue: When you have more than one (1) Prisual NDI|HX camera on your network and when you pull in the video feed from a specific camera you see the video feed of another camera or possibly the image is switching between mutliple cameras feeds.


Cause: This is when multicast is enabled on the cameras and the default multicast address has not been changed.


Solution(s): You can disable to the multicast capabilities if you are only pulling the feed into a single destination by visiting the network section of the cameras WebUI and selecting the "Off" radio button for multicast, clicking "Apply" followed by rebooting the camera. The other option, if your network is multicast capable, is to provide a unique multicast address per camera... I typically recommend using the following scheme 234.1.2.XXX where the XXX represents the unique address you assign to the camera and remember to "Apply" and reboot the camera after assigning a new IP.




Please note: It is always best to check with your network administrator before deploying any multicast products on your network or assigning static IPs.