How to use OBS to connect to the RTSP video stream of the camera

The follow steps will be very similar in video production software such as vMix, Wirecast or xSplit.

Open OBS and add a Scene. In the scene we can add a source with the plus button in the area right next to scenes.

Select "Media Source" and name the input.

In the Properties of this media source we will uncheck the first two boxes: Local File and Restart Playback when source becomes active.

Now we simply need to enter RTSP information into the input text field which is the following "rtsp://your-camera-ip-address/1". The last "Slash 1" or "Slash 2" represents the two available RTSP streams you can pull from each camera. Stream 1 is your High Definition Stream and Stream 2 is your standard definition stream.

To add audio input RTSP stream you will use a Rode Microphone with a line level output and plug it into the 3.5mm audio input on the back your camera. The 3.5mm audio input will provide audio embedded into your IP stream and HDMI output. You can configure your cameras RTSP Settings in the Video Tab of the network interface. You have the ability to tweak your cameras RTSP settings to deliver reliable high quality video over IP. Let’s quickly review our recommended settings used for streaming RTSP video over your network.

 Resolution Frame Rate Bitrate Encoding Profile
1080p 60fps 12288 h.264
1080p 30fps 8192 h.264
720p 60fps 6144 h.264

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