What kind of latency can I expect with your cameras?

The camera latency can be based on a number of factors, but typically a Broadcast Quality Standard is <60ms of latency. At around 120ms is where this can start to become an issue for live production, but not enough to be a problem for conferencing, recording or streaming.


If you're viewing the HDMI output as an example, the processor of the display and cabling or switches in-between can have an effect on the latency. I worked with a gentleman that was able to see three (3) different displays causing three different levels of latency it was interesting to see.


Our tests typically show a latency of approximately 133ms with decent quality equipment.


For network streaming this can depend on what you're using to view the feed... for instance VLC will introduce about 300ms of latency by default and gets very unhappy if you try to push the 0 mark.


When tuned correctly, we have found VLC will achieve about 133ms of latency.

In the Network section there is a radio button for a feature called ONVIF. If you turn this on, and reboot the camera you can utilize a really nifty tool called ONVIF Device Manager.



Using this tool you can gain control of the live preview (approximately 60ms of latency) and have access to P/T/Z controls. You do need to use the "admin"/"admin" login at the top to gain access to these features. ONVIF Device Manager is using an RTSP Stream just like VLC, however, the code seems to be written for better performance of the stream.