HDMI / 3G-SDI / IP (NDI) video output simultaneous up to 1080P60fps

HDMI / 3G-SDI / IP (NDI) all video outputs for the Prisual TEM-20V , TEM-20N , TEM-30V , TEM-30N , TEL-12S , TEL-20S , TEL-30S , TEL-12N , TEL-20N , TEL-30N are simultaneous EXCEPT for the composite video output(CVBS, since a dial is used to set the resolution, the camera cannot be set to output 1080p and 480p at the same time,due to high-definition and standard-definition signals cannot be processed together). Except this model TER-20N-T.

You can stream H.264 or H.265 content over your network at the same time in video output 1080p 60fps 3G-SDI signal.

Prisual camera line provide the most flexibility for video conferencing and broadcasting scenarios.