What are the possible ways I can control my Prisual camera?

You can control the camera in the following ways:

  1. IR remote control - Included with each Prisual camera.
  • Hardware Joystick - The cameras can be controlled using the VISCA, Pelco-D, and Pelco-P protocols. This can be connected to multiple cameras directly or in sequence using RS-485, or in sequence using RS-232. RS-232 also requires specialized cascade cables that swap send and receive signals between each camera.
  1. Network Control
  • Web Browser - If the cameras are networked, you can control them by entering the IP address as the URL in a web browser.
  • IP Joystick - Like IP (VISCA Over IP) Joystick or ONVIF Network JoyStick.
  • Software - There are three main software that can be used for network control, Onvif Device Manager(free), Prisual Camera Tool(free, Windows version).


  1. Software -
  • USB Connection - If you have a direct USB connection between the camera/cameras and the PC that you would like to use for control, you can use the Prisual Camera Tool(free, Windows version  )
  • RS-232 Connection - If the camera/cameras will not be connected to the PC that you would like to use for control by USB, you would need to run a separate RS-232 line from the camera to the PC and use a DB9 to USB Converter. You could then control the camera using the Prisual Camera Tool (free, Windows version)